For visitors

Dear friends!

This idea is brought to you by Sokolniki Museum-Educational Complex that has considerable experience in museum establishment and big cultural event organization. 

  • The park is a favourite pastime place for
    many Muscovites and guests of the city
  • The museum will be located in Exhibit Hall 17
    that is currently being renovated

Our face is the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, established in 2008. Though we have applied much effort to ensure its success, the gratitude and recognition from the museum’s visitors inspire us to explore new vistas! 

  • The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy is the first
    museum in Russia dedicated to the art of handwriting
  • The Museum exposition presents unique
    samples of the lettering arts
The opening of the Contemporary Accordion Museum is scheduled for spring 2016

Until then we will be preparing the exposition, as well as conducting various promotional events, such as chamber concerts, meetings and presentations that would help us find and gather together our allies and complete a truly beautiful project by joint effort! 

Leave your contact e-mail and we will keep you posted on our latest developments!

If you want to help us prepare for the opening of the museum, namely, to share your ideas and propose something useful, e-mail us!