Accordions Museums

Alfred Mirek’s Russian Accordion Museum

Moscow, Russia

Alfred Mirek’s Russian Accordion Museum, one of the richest and largest of its kind in the world, is located in Moscow, Russia. The museum was created on the basis of a unique collection, gathered...


Harmonikamuseum Zwota

Kilngenthal, Germany

Klingenthal rightfully bears the name of one of the hives of accordion manufacturing. In 1829, the first harmonicas were born here, whereas the first accordions were exported in the 1850s. The...


The German Harmonica Museum

Trossingen, Germany

The permanent exposition comprises accordions, mouth organs, Jew’s harps, shengs, and other instruments of the family. At the museum you can learn about the accordion history of...


Djurs Harmonika Museum

Orsted, Denmark

This is a private museum featuring accordions of our forefathers and contemporary performers. It was founded by Jacob and Kirsten Eden. The exposition is divided into sections...



Brovst, Denmark

Established in 1990, the museum is very popular with tourists. It features regular concerts and dancing soirees. The museum’s collection can be evaluated as the largest assembly of fully...


The International Accordion Museum

Castelfidardo, Italy

This museum is situated in the town’s main square in the building of the town hall. It was founded by Beniamino Bugiolacchi, a famous accordion historian, who remains the museum’s...


Mariano Dallapè’s Civic Accordion Museum

Stradella, Italy

The museum is named after Mariano Dallapè, inventor of the diatonic accordion. The museum consists of three sections:...


A World Of Accordions Museum

Superior, USA

A World of Accordions Museum was established in 2004 under the Harrington ARTS Center in the building of a former Presbyterian church. Over one thousand exhibits range from the simplest...


Petosa Museum: A History Of The Accordion

Seattle, USA

There are over 140 accordions in the museum, with about 100 accordions on display. Some of these accordions date back prior to 1900. The museum staff are especially proud...


Alex Musical Accordion Museum

New-York, USA

At the Alex Musical Accordion Museum, there is a fascinating collection of unusual and antique accordions. The display includes NYC's Acme Accordion, from 1941: black with metal...


Museo Anconetani Del Acordeon

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Anconetani family has been in the accordion manufacturing business for over a century. The first Anconetani accordion appeared in 1896. The father then opened a shop and passed...


Accordian and Harmonica Museum

Malden, Netherlands

Accordian and Harmonica Museum is the only museum of accordions in the Netherlands, featuring accordions, concertinas, bandonions, and even organs. One of the most amazing exhibits is...


Accordion Museum

Litovel, Czech Republic

The museum was opened on July 1st, 2011. The exposition features accordions from fifty-five Czech manufacturers; many exhibits are very rare and unique. Today the museum’s holdings...