About Our partner

Our museum will open its doors within one of Moscow’s most picturesque sites, namely, within Sokolniki Park. Sokolniki is our long-standing partner and confederate that supports many cultural and educational projects initiated by Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Andrei Lapshin

Welcoming address from Andrei Lapshin, Director of Sokolniki Park

On behalf of the Sokolniki Park team, I would like to heartily congratulate all visitors on a new museum project launch. Our park has a good reputation as the hot spot for sporting activities and music performances. The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy has introduced art into the transformed and renovated park. Originally, we planned to create an entire Museum Quarter on the park’s premises. I am sure the Contemporary Accordion Museum will become one of the major and most extraordinary expositions. Sokolniki Park is all for this project and we promise to provide assistance in organizing musical soirees within the framework of the opening of this unique site.

Andrei Lapshin
Director of Sokolniki Culture and Recreation Park, Moscow