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About Black Diamond

Black Dimond Accordions is a small English business founded by Greg Dunn, a man truly devoted to accordion music.

Black Diamond Accordions assessed several Chinese accordion manufacturers and approached one of the oldest established companies to produce accordions to our exacting specifications, using the finest Italian reeds for exceptional tone quality.

This approach allowed for manufacturing relatively cheap but good quality and impressively stylish instruments. This was Greg’s idea: to make the accordion more affordable and thus contribute to its promotion.

Black Diamond Accordions actively participates in various musical festivals. Eye-catching exhibition stands, breath-taking promotional events, live performance – all that serves the purpose of arousing the general public’s interest, to stir the people’s souls with virtuoso playing, to ignite a desire to become part of the accordion world.

  • Greg Dunn and James Delarre during a musical performance under sail

Black Diamond accordions

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