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About Pampiana

“I am a big fan of Gaucho culture, especially of the Rio Grande musical style. That’s why I decided to dedicate my life to the noble and regionally important instrument – to the accordion.”

“The more I plunged into the accordion world the more I saw the necessity to create a convenient instrument that would satisfy the most exacting player. So I went into it and launched my Pampiana project.”

“I continuously tried to play various accordions and asked professional players about their experience and preferences. Thus, finally, I had an idea of what a perfect accordion might look like.”

“As the best accordions are manufactured in Castelfidardo, we decided to set up our business down there. This advantage brought our instruments both stalwart reputation and guarantee of excellence.”

“Pampiana was conceived by a true passion for the accordion, an indispensible instrument in Latin America’s present-day culture.”

Jose Franco Garcez Founder

Pampiana accordions

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