Accordions Austria Musik Schwarz (Kärntnerland)

About Musik Schwarz (Kärntnerland)

MUSIK SCHWARZ was founded in 1679 and already has 12 generations of family ownership.

Originally, the company dealt in Jew’s harps and retail music products.

Around 35 years ago, the Steirische Harmonika aroused the interest of the grandfather and father of Karl Schwarz, today's business owner.

The appropriate name for our quality product comes from the grandmother. Since she was of Carinthian descent and the grandfather was only too happy to commemorate the good old times, the name ORIGINAL KÄRNTNERLAND Harmonika was decided to be most appropriate.

  • A creative atmosphere in this family breeds exquisite instruments

Musik Schwarz (Kärntnerland) accordions

Solid Wood Diatonic Accordions

Natural Wood Diatonic Accordions

Classic Diatonic Accordions

Modern Diatonic Accordions

Diatonic Accordions with Designer's Fancywork

Hand Painted and Decorated Diatonic Accordions

Diatonic Accordions for Beginners

Self-Playing Diatonic Accordions

Piano Accordions

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