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About Müller

About Müller

A lively exchange with harmonica players contributes to our wealth of ideas and leads to a continuous series of innovations. Managing director Peter Müller designs and develops our instruments himself – and is able to rely on decades of experience in harmonica making: The first handmade Styrian harmonica left the master craftsman enterprise in 1976, the year of founding by Peter and Edith Müller. Since that time, the enterprise has grown to be today’s largest harmonica manufacturer with over 40 employees. Now, with decades of experience but also using the most modern technology, all components are produced in the respective in-house departments and are tested and assembled to make a “Müller-Steirischen” Styrian harmonica. The experience of the professional player and the needs of amateurs create a symbiosis – the best of quality and durability.

We feel deeply connected to the tradition of the Styrian harmonica – we want to carry it on with innovation and the newest technologies.

Sound and Experience

As designers and producers of Styrian accordions, allow us to give you a taste of our world in which both sound and aesthetics as well as tradition and progress join hands. As the leading accordion manufacturer, we have devoted ourselves to the experience of playing – an experience which can only be realised through the triad of highest production quality, special, newly-developed models and professional advice when making a purchase. Our extensive range of accordions puts us in a position to meet the needs of every type of player, whether traditional or youthful, professional or beginner. We would be very pleased if you would visit us in our newly designed shop in Bad Sankt Leonhard for a journey into the world of the Styrian accordion. In our professional, in-house studio, you have the opportunity to try out our accordions and then take your video and sound recordings home with you.

We have dedicated ourselves to the Styrian accordion – and making them more beautiful, sonorous and better is our mission!

  • Long-standing experience blended with cutting-edge technology is a firm guarantee of high-quality accordions
  • A strong team of dedicated professionals

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