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AKKO, Voronezh Musical Instruments Factory was established by Vladimir Avralev, Honourary Artist of Russia in 1991. Nurturing the best musical instruments’ manufacturing traditions the company has developed and implemented many ingenious structural solutions of its own that are now responsible for the unique AKKO Sound. Today the company is Russia’s biggest all-reed bayan manufacturer and the world’s only all-reed accordion exporter.

The factory produces over sixty bayan and accordion models, from children’s to professional instruments. The series is specially designed to ensure smooth transition from an amateur’s to a professional model during her career progress. Children’s bayans are made on the full-fledged concert base: the same fretboard angle, key size, scale length, and five-row right hand keyboard.

We are continually poring over developing an attractive modern design. The instruments are being perfected acoustically and structurally; modern performance trends are taken into account. The product range caters for various genres: classics, folk, jazz, musette.

Our top priority is to provide the musicians with a comfortable quality concert instrument with a handmade all-reed chord.

Our masters manually process only the best materials from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Russia, etc. to deliver unparalleled produce.

Individual requirements are met with astounding exactness, be it range, number of the registers, bellows borane, body colour, voice tuning (unison, bison), 6/8-voice bass, В Griff/C Griff, mute availability, etc.

All AKKO products have a twelve-month warranty; post-warranty service is provided.

Ceaseless attention and creative approach to each and every performer allow us to retain leading positions in accordion production, to endlessly perfect and develop new models, catering for the ever-changing repertoire of contemporary bayanists and accordionists.

AKKO instruments are played by top soloists and bands as well as by musical students from all over Russia and from abroad.

AKKO vigourously supports Russian culture, sponsoring various music contests and festivals, promoting young talents, providing for professional editions on folk instruments. AKKO organizes and holds the Voronezh Avralev Festival featuring leading musicians’ performances on an annual basis.

Every AKKO instrument bears a piece of our craftsmen’s heart.

  • Guided by their keen aesthetic sense AKKO accordion gurus craft first-class machines

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