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In 1985 Ivan Stanojlovic, the founder of Siwa & Figli accordions, started his accordion manufacturing company in Belgrade,Yugoslavia. This was a very exciting time for the talented young accordionist and craftsman. The company soon gained recognitition among professional musicians and accordion enthusiasts in Eastern Europe. It was remarkable that SIWA accordions had the distinct quality of Italian made instruments while producing a powerful tone with instant response required by Balkan folk music. The company worked in close collaboration with music schools and sponsored national accordion competitions and festivals. "The First accordion of Serbia", was a popular annual competition exclusively organized by SIWA and open to competitors from all over the world.

In the 1990s Ivan Stanojlovic made many trips to Italy in the pursuit of the best quality materials and assemblies for his accordions. Soon it became clear that there could be no better place to craft accordions than the town of Castelfidardo in Italy, the Accordion capital of the World. In 2005, SIWA was reborn in Castelfidardo under the name "SIWA & FIGLI di Stanojlovic Ivan". In 2007, the company established a strategic collaboration with the USA based Accordion Gallery. Each SIWA & FIGLI accordion is entirely hand made in Italy with the best quality materials. Crafted to the high quality standards of the 1960's and 70's these new accordions will charm you with power and tonal richness combined with stylish design and classic beauty.

Super Quattro Piano Line

Only the best hand made reeds available are used throughout the entire Super Quattro line of accordions. Each reed responds instantaneously with uniform intensity on the opening and closing of the bellows. The sound is clear and rich. Every accordion is tuned to perfection and you will be amazed to experience the subtle overtones excited in the treble section as you play the bass and vice versa.

Super Quattro Chromatic Line

The Super Quattro Chromatic offers an impressive tonal range and power in a light weight compact instrument. It has been the choice for many professional accordionists.

Academy Accordions Line

Siwa & Figli proudly presents a new line for music schools and academies. The elegance of the new models, compactness and lightness combined with the power of every key and the bass will be exactly what you were looking for.

Wood accordion line

Siwa & Figli is proud to introduce a new special line of accordion entirely made of 40 year old walnut which is difficult to find today. Every accordion will be absolutely unique and will be properly designed. The body is varnished in the tradition of violin making and not covered in Polyurethane. The results are amazing - enhanced natural wood grain and improved sound projection. The tonal characteristics are based on the wood selection and could be jazzy-dark or polka-bright. Each instrument features the best quality hand made reeds available today, genuine Italian leather reed valves, double tone chamber, precise mechanics, and ergonomic body design optimized for best feel and ease of handling.

Siwa & Figli has recently developed a new line for Coservatorum & Music schools. High quality instrument based on client needs from and starting from 60 basses to melody bass. Both cromatic and piano versions are available.

  • The studio of the Stanoilovich family

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