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In 1900 Silvio Scandalli started to produce accordions with the help of his family. In a few years, between 1915 and 1921, out of a small workshop in Camerano a small company was created which was to become an industrial force, which in 1941 employed over 700 workers.

After the end of the Second World War, the accordion became hugely popular in the USA and the factory of the Scandalli brothers was amongst the most well-known and prestigious.

Thanks to the genius of Silvio and his many inventions and patents which were applied to his accordions, the Scandalli brand became synonymous with quality and a bench mark for other instruments.

In 1946 to meet the challenges and opportunities of new markets, Fratelli Scandalli of Camerano and Settimio Soprani of Castelfidardo combined to form Farfisa (from Fabbriche Riunite di Fisarmoniche). This company in turn was to become one of the world's biggest musical instrument factories and at that time produced 180 accordions a day. The impetus of this new company led to the formation of the CDMI (Centro Didattico Musicale Italiano) and many famous composers wrote pieces for the accordion and teaching methods for the Edizioni Musicali Farfisa. The music magazine Fisarmonica was founded that today has become the Strumenti&Musica.

During the early 1950's Silvio Scandalli commenced an ambitious project. Using the company’s finest technicians he created an instrument of unparalleled quality which in a short space of time became the dream of all great accordionists: the Scandalli SUPER VI. Even today it remains unsurpassed, an instrument born from the passion of an innovative artisan.

In 1964 a new factory at Aspio Terme was added to those of Camerano and Castelfidardo for a total of 42.000 square meters of production capacity.

At this time Silvio Scandalli and Settimio Soprani were heads of a company that produced and distributed guitars, pianos, organs and amplifiers, as well as accordions.

  • Scandalli factory, 1941
  • The new factory, est. 1964

In 1984 Farfisa ceased to exist as a multi-product company and began to divide itself into the various product sectors. The Scandalli brand, under the direction of Mirco Patarini, Leonardo Menghini and Luciano Menghini, returned to stand for accordions only.

The Scandalli brand is an icon for many because of its long, distinguished history of innovation, prestige and quality. Today the objective of Scandalli Accordions remains the same as it always was: to provide instruments of the highest standard and uncompromising quality.


The hands of artisans guarantee the absolute quality of each single instrument.

  • When every single detail makes a difference

A good accordion is judged by its sound quality, airtightness, smoothness, quietness of its keyboard and bass mechanism and perfect general operation. You may judge a Scandalli accordion on all these points.

The Scandalli badge: an object of inestimable value!


A concert artist needs the finest reeds in his instrument in order to reflect his brilliant interpretations. The dynamics are so important. Scandalli chooses genuine handmade reeds made of the highest quality aluminium and steel.


From the first encounter a Scandalli displays the fundamental qualities of a great accordion. Touch it: the keys and buttons are finely balanced, quiet in action and fast too; the bellows open and close with an easy and natural movement; the reeds are responsive and the sound is clear and resonant. These important, fundamental features apply to all the models.

The moment of truth arrives when the accordion is used with other instruments. Its sound quality blends perfectly and helps to enhance the ensemble sound. A Scandalli is ideal of course, for its responsive reeds will play quietly or forcefully, whatever is required in fact. Listen to a Scandalli tone chamber: this special chamber adds a unique quality of sound to the treble and helps to create that magical, perfect, Scandalli Sound.


For over 100 years the Scandalli name has been internationally prominent among leading accordionists everywhere, whatever their style of performance. It is the famous name of an accordion that today, is still crafted with understanding, experience and skill.

The modern Scandalli accordion is made to be suitable for the needs of the student starting their musical adventure and also to meet the exacting demands of the professional musician.

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