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On the 6th of June 1946, Filippo Pigini registered the F.lli Pigini di Filippo company at the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona. His partners were: Adriano, Gino, Luigi, and Marino Pigini.

Filippo, fresh from the frontline, had a remarkable business grip and vigourously resumed his labours at his partners’ workshop that had operated since 1930.

The company’s first accordions were made at this time.

The post-war period was tough, but the young brothers did not lose heart. The need to earn a living and their enthusiasm drove them to establish one of the most dynamic firms in the field of accordion manufacturing.

The first deliveries made in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Egypt, and Pakistan showed PIGINI’s international bend right from the start.

The company was run for many years by Gino Pigini who, at the age of 14, was already an expert “vociarolo” (reed maker).

He believed in young people with new ideas and the desire to learn. He soon formed a team of exceptional craftsmen, and even today his work and philosophy lie behind PIGINI’s top quality products. To this day, his heritage of joy, trust in the future and perseverance in pursuing their goals, is the basis of the high quality of the Pigini instruments.


“Interpret the future making the most of the past”.

With this motto, the PIGINI team faces each new challenge. They conceive every accordion passionately as a musical instrument in which art and technique are given equal importance by that deeply rooted expertise that only comes from experience.


A small screw, the mere cut of the wood, the balance of the dimensions, the thickness of the felts, the smooth running of the levers, the calibration of the springs... Everyone at PIGINI’s is very careful at looking after those hidden details, which are subsequently recognizable in the resulting refined touch.

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