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About Fismen

Fismen’s history goes back to the year 2000, when 6 experts in the accordion field combined their experience and ideas to realize a unique project. The first accordions were produced on behalf of other enterprises. Soon, the conviction of producing high quality instruments together with the many appraisals received, allowed Fismen to change its first project. In 2004 Fismen brings out the first accordions with its own trade-mark.

In the last ten years of experience, Fismen has distinguished itself by a strong craftsmanship and it has placed itself in the market with stability and tenacity. Recognized in Germany, Austria and Slovenia as a leader enterprise in the folkloric production, FISMEN is also appreciated in Italy because of the high quality and versatility which it is able to offer.

  • Total dedication to quality helped the company acquire wide recognition

More than 60 models are currently produced by Fismen. Fismen uses products which are fabricated in Italy. The technical versatility and the new technologies guarantee a quick production without forgetting the tradition and the global craftsmanship of its methods. The firm is able to personalize the instruments according to the customer-artist’s specific requests: from the bellows colour, the graphic, the choice of material, the accessories to the addition of extra buttons. The direct relationship between the customer and the firm, is certainly a precious and rare value in the modern market.

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