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About Dino Baffetti

Dino Baffetti is a vivid example of a family business wherein the ties of kin and devotion to a common cause help reap formidable fruits.

Dino Baffetti, the founder of the company was very young when he stepped into the world of the accordion, acquiring, over the years, the ability and mastery necessary to build a fine accordion and developing a sincere passion for the creation of musical instruments. In 1977, he opened a workshop where he started manufacturing diatonic accordions under the Dino Baffetti brand. The instruments were immediately appreciated for their sound, technical perfection, aesthetic details and manufacturing quality, a quality that he perfected over the years expanding the production to piano and button accordions, always targeting larger markets, seeking to spread the fame of Dino Baffetti brand worldwide. Once part of the company, Dino’s sons contributed to its innovative and proactive spirit, preserving, nonetheless, family traditions of style and excellence.

  • Dino Baffetti workshops in the early period of the company’s life
  • Today the company’s staff is comprised of Baffetti family members and ten employees. Such human resource is sufficient to manufacture excellent quality instruments

Dino Baffetti accordions

Series 2 Bassi

Series 4 Bassi

Maggiore Minore

Series 8 Bassi




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