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A Brandoni & Sons accordion is not just a simple musical instrument, but a real artwork in which Tradition, Innovation, Technology and Beauty play an important part. A Brandoni & Sons accordion comes to life thanks to our master craftsmen’s expertise, respecting old traditional construction techniques with no use at all of industrial equipment or technology. A process requiring time, precision and experience, where nothing is left to chance. The unique and gripping sound of Brandoni & Sons accordions comes as a result of a series of factors including: the careful selection of the finest solid wood, the use of reeds of excellent quality and strict final checks. Each instrument is a unique piece of equally unique value, one of Made in Italy, one of pure craftwork and the value of Brandoni & Sons tradition intact over time, today exactly as in 1949.


The Brandoni & Sons accordion factory was founded in Castelfidardo in 1949. Since then, its founder Giovanni Brandoni, with the help of his two sons Paolo and Ubaldo, has produced prestigious instruments of the highest quality which are known all over the world.

In 1996 the next generation took over the running of the business, ensuring the continuation of the Brandoni & Sons name with the skills learned from a lifetime of working by hand and making instruments of top quality. For over half a century the Brandoni accordion has maintained its best and unique characteristics.

These accordions are the result of rigorous craftmanship still embracing traditional methods of construction as well as the best use of machines and new technology.


Craftmanship is still the main characteristic of Brandoni & Sons. Each phase of the production process is painstakingly carried out by expert hands which make sure that each assembled element takes into account the different qualities characterizing the stylistic choices and innovative technical solutions that make each model unique. The particular techniques used and stylistic choices made over the years are skilfully handed down so that each element can mantain its own characteristics unaltered even if this involves extremely long manufactoring times.

  • Perfectionism at every production stage
  • Brandoni & Sons workshops
  • Giovanni Brandoni and his family

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