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Borsini has been creating accordions in Castelfidardo since 2nd January 1922: three-dimensional works of art that have gone down in the history of music. Borsini is a company founded on the cornerstones of human values and a family whose members work enthusiastically and lovingly together for their name which is in itself a quality... fine people these pioneers, with unbounded respect and love for craftsmanship!

The philosophy

Borsini accordions traditionally tend to attain the technical and aesthetical originality of a work of art; the sound of this instrument is more melodious than ever but strong and intense at the same time because it envelopes the heart and soul of a great family who have an enormous love for their work and name and who want to keep it extraordinary with quality.. Borsini where quality counts!


90% of the work that goes into our accordions is done by hand, both in terms of the internal engineering and the outer architecture.

Years of research to obtain the best results have reaped their harvests with the attainment of a patent for the interlocked truncated frame which gives a full and warm tone which is appreciated by the best accordion players worldwide.

The materials

Our focus is on time which alone can judge and confirm the care and responsibility that we put into selecting the materials for our musical works of art.

Accordions must be constructed in wood, and no other material. The fibres of the boards chosen must be straight and numerous to ensure products that are inalterable in time and ensure maximum sound.

The sound

The music which flows from each and every Borsini accordion is able to interpret the wide and varied expressive range of any musician. The very particular and totally recognisable “Borsini Sound” is the result of the expertise of skilled hands, which attend to every detail and the musicality of the instrument.

An accordion must not only sound good when you play, it must express its very own and special character.

The touch

The emotional experience as fingers slide over the keyboard is given by the rapid soft and velvet smooth feeling that every musician experiences at the “touch” of a Borsini keyboard.

The precise response of the instrument comes from the passion we have been putting into our accordions for almost ninety years and our collaboration with international professional musicians.

All the generous fascination that a Borsini accordion gives is enclosed in its characteristic “touch”.

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