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When I decided to follow the music of my heart, I had no idea where it would take me. Today, thirty years later, the magic of that music still enchants me. My commitment to quality and excellence is also the same today as it was then, but today it has a name I am proud of: Beltuna.

Arnaldo Mengascini

Tough challenges are like mountains. Get to the top and the wind will move your soul.

The story of Beltuna began in 1982. After many years of creating what can only be described as works of art for various local companies, two talented craftsmen from Castelfidardo in the province of Ancona in the Marche region of Italy decided to embark on an adventure that would allow them to cultivate their passion for excellence without having to compromise. Arnaldo Mengascini and Elio Baldoni, backed by years of experience and driven by the true spirit of enterprise, founded a company to make accordions, and named it ‘Beltuna’, from the words ‘bel’ (‘beautiful’ in Italian) and ‘tune’, especially chosen to symbolise the purpose of the challenge that lay ahead. They dreamed of creating musical instruments of true excellence, capable of standing out for their looks as well as their sound. The two men knew they were capable of producing precious and unique instruments: they knew how to work ‘living’ materials and understood the soul that lived inside their accordions.

The Beltuna story began with endless days dedicated to perfecting tiny details, and long hours spent trying and testing different materials and production methods. Initially, the company’s accordions were bought by other musical instrument companies and marketed under various brand names. But the excellence of the accordions crafted by Arnaldo Mengascini and his team could not pass unnoticed, and soon the decision was taken to reveal to music lovers who was behind such perfection. In only ten years of existence, Beltuna accordions gained an enviable reputation in Italy and abroad for top quality materials, superb sound and innovative technology. As the years passed, Beltuna consolidated its organisation and complemented an almost religious dedication to precision in design and assembly with an efficient and widespread sales network, capable of satisfying growing demand from customers from various countries around the world.

  • Arnaldo Mengascini
  • The people behind the product

Man’s roots are in the land. It is only natural he should wish to pay homage to it.

The accordions made by the creative genius of Arnaldo Mengascini and his family are products of the land where Beltuna has its roots: Italy’s hard working and honest Marche region. Beltuna accordions are crafted in the heart of Italy, near a sea that creates a mild climate and tranquil people, sheltered by rolling hills that nurture a love for music and craftsmanship. In Castelfidardo, music, and the cult of the accordion in particular, are an integral part of life, so it is no wonder that Mengascini and his fellow craftsmen found here the ideal environment in which to develop their amazing but practical creativity. Their dedication to hard work and respect for the region’s traditions proved key to the success of a project that began modestly but had ambitious objectives. Castelfidardo has always been one of the world's most important centres of accordion production. Over many centuries, the area has perfected the techniques of accordion making so well that the craft is now one of its key cultural and economic activities. The master craftsmen of Castelfidardo have taken the humble accordion and turned it into a symbol of innovation, beauty and harmony.

The philosophy of quality

When the sensitivity of the lute maker meets the creative talent of the artist, the result is a truly unique and inimitable instrument.

Beltuna accordions owe their popularity to the great care and attention with which every single part, structural or musical, is made. Beltuna quality is the result of years of continuous development. Nearly all phases in the production and assembly of Beltuna accordions are completed in-house. Only a limited number of parts are commissioned from master craftsmen who are carefully selected and supervised. Natural wood essences, steel and aluminium are the raw materials that give body and soul to Beltuna accordions. The precious and superbly crafted bodies of Beltuna accordions conceal perfect structures and mechanisms that develop the unmistakable and world famous Beltuna sound.

  • Experts believe only handmade instruments might acquire a soul of their own

Every Beltuna accordion is steeped in the traditions of craftsmanship. Their commitment to continuously improving the acoustic qualities, appearance and refinement of their instruments has led Beltuna’s master accordion makers to develop techniques that are unknown outside the company. One of the many features that set Beltuna accordions apart is the quality of the voices created with Beltuna’s unique GHV technique. Beltuna reeds are also made from thicker and more elastic steel than that used by other accordion makers, resulting in a sound that is both powerful and clean. Dual Face tuning is another unique Beltuna feature: operated by a dedicated switch, it allows the same instrument to play totally different genres of music. Beltuna’s patented Amplisound or Double Tone Chamber system is yet another original innovation that allows Beltuna accordions to play two different timbres at the same time, creating a sound of superior intensity at the touch of a simple on-off switch. The prestigious new SPIRIT range incorporates all Beltuna’s most significant innovations and patents and represents the most advanced and innovative accordions in the world today.

  • Spirit series

Excellence is conveyed by sound, by a voice from the heart.

The greatest fans of Beltuna accordions are the musicians who express their talent with them every day. Artists and performers of many nationalities, playing all types of music, recognise the perfection of Beltuna accordions. All Beltuna models deliver an unrivalled dynamic response and a superb acoustic range, and produce a truly magical and unique sound that turns every performance into an unrepeatable event. Beltuna accordions also embody the refinement and quality of Italian craftsmanship, making them the first choice of accordion players and music lovers the world over. The dedication of Beltuna’s founders and workforce has been rewarded over the years, but that does not mean the job is finished! Beltuna continues to perfect new ideas and register new patents to take acoustic efficiency, player comfort and accordion aesthetics to even greater heights.

Quality you can see. Every little detail adds to the beauty.

The principles of perfection and quality that Beltuna has always pursued are applied to the styling and finish of Beltuna accordions as well as to their sound. Prestigious materials, artisan production and quality finishing transform every Beltuna accordion into a stunningly refined work of art. The beauty of Beltuna accordions is appreciated by amateur and profession musicians around the world. The features that enhance the looks of Beltuna accordions include precious woods that are varnished for durability and a brilliant shine, and materials like mother-of-pearl, leather and alcantara that are chosen for light weight and high performance. The ergonomics of every model are lovingly perfected to achieve the perfect combination of light weight and agility and to allow musicians to express their talent and feelings to the full.

A love story lasting thirty years: a gift to future generations

Thirty years after they first appeared, Beltuna accordions now embody the love of two generations. The inestimable experience of Beltuna’s founder Arnaldo Mengascini and the never ending support of his wife Annamaria have been complemented by the loving hard work of their four children Stefania, Francesca, Francesco and Milena. Beltuna’s worldwide exports are the result of Italian creativity with strong roots in the family and in the values of craftsmanship. At Beltuna, love of perfection and beauty are handed down from father to son. Carefully developed techniques and dedication to work are precious gifts to the younger generation. Beltuna accordions today combine tradition and innovation, and merge the value of experience and the power of youthful enthusiasm, ensuring a prosperous future for the Beltuna name in Italy and worldwide.

Beltuna accordions


The SPIRIT range of professional accordions incorporates all the innovations developed by Beltuna over the years. Beltuna used to offer players a choice between the powerful, aggressive timbre of PRESTIGE accordions and the rich, warm tones of LEADER accordions. The introduction of the SPIRIT range heralded the arrival of instruments that combine the extraordinary qualities of both previous models. SPIRIT accordions produce a new timbre of clean yet richly harmonic sound, and deliver perfectly balanced volume from the deepest bass notes to the highest treble. Precision tuning and instantly responsive voices are guaranteed by Beltuna’s exclusive GHV process. The SPIRIT range consists of 14 different models (8 piano and 6 button), and is available in two different versions: CLASSIC and LUXURY.


With its GHV tone chamber and voices, Beltuna’s LEADER accordions thoroughly deserve their reputation as top quality, professional instruments. Their wood bodies are hand painted to achieve unmistakeable colours and striking variations in hue. LEADER accordions stand out for their use of Amplisound, Beltuna’s exclusive and patented system for acoustically modifying tone and allowing the same instrument to play the most refined jazz and classical pieces. The sound produced by a LEADER accordion is unmistakeably rich and warm. The LEADER range consists of 9 piano models and 8 button models.


PRESTIGE is a range of professional tone chamber accordions. All PRESTIGE models boast a varnished wood body. PRESTIGE accordions are available with Special (manual) voices or, on request, GHV voices, and are characterised by a powerful, aggressive sound. The PRESTIGE range consists of 10 piano models and 9 button models.


STUDIO is a range of piano and button accordions without tone chamber. They feature varnished wood bodies, Luxe voices and, on request, Luxe Pro or Special voices too. STUDIO accordions are extremely easy to handle and ideal for beginners. They also satisfy the needs of professional players and musicians who need a lightweight, compact instrument that permits easy movement around the stage. The STUDIO range consists of 14 piano models and 7 button models.


Thanks to their special design, timbre and tuning, ALPSTAR accordions are the obvious choice for lovers of Slovenian Oberkrainer, Austrian and Bavarian folk music. ALPSTAR accordions are available with or without tone chamber, in piano or button form. The diatonic version can be made with 3, 4 or even 5 rows of buttons in all tones, and is available in various precious wood finishes.

Alpstar Diatonic


The DIATONICO range offers a choice of diatonic accordions for various types of traditional music genres (French, Irish, Portuguese, Celtic, etc.). Models are available in a choice of precious wood essences, in various tones, and with Luxe Pro or Special voices. They can even be tuned to customer specifications.

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