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About Saltarelle

Since 1984 we have been working with musicians to provide a range of accordions, constantly refining our instruments in accordance with their needs.

We try to ensure that our instruments are quicker in response and lighter to handle, while maintaining the special Saltarelle Sound®, which sets them apart.

Today more than 20 different accordions are available in three collections

  • Saltarelle: for those who dwell in romance

Saltarelle accordions

Centre Ville

Accordions in the Centre Ville collection feature a stepped keyboard. They allow you to play any music style such as folk and traditional music.

Sterling Rage

Accordions in the Sterling Range collection feature a flat keyboard. With these you can of course play all kinds of music, but they are especially suited to Irish or Celtic music.

Paris Melrose

Chromatic players will find in the Paris Melrose collection, two wooden instruments, light, and compact.

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