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Weltmeister: the brand made in Klingenthal and honoured throughout the world. Due to its excellent quality, Klingenthal has become famous in the whole world as a center of accordion production. Accordions consisting of approximately 2.500 components are built in about 5.000 mainly handcrafted work processes. Over 160 years of tradition and experience as well as creative input of technologies and the use of unconventional materials led to innovative solutions allowing the implementation of individual wishes. Millions of accordions have been exported from here to each of the seven continents and these have become witnesses to the diligence, imagination, and artistic skills of the accordion constructors here in Klingenthal. Accordions from Klingenthal stand for learning purposes, leisure time and professional orchestra music. For the specific types of folklore in each country we develop different types of production and tuning standards according to the diverse wishes an accordion player can have. Whether it is a beginner, soloist or simply an accordion player – Weltmeister instruments fulfil any claim.

The image of accordions is changing, the instrument is used in more and more musical genres. The accordion player can extemporize his fantasy in the music, moderately participate in an Orchestra or also accompany singing and dancing. Do you know a more versatile instrument?

  • Exquisite handmade quality

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